Thursday, July 7, 2011

New gemstones in!

I just got some new faceted gemstones in!
  • Faceted Tourmaline in several types including some tiny faceted briolettes cut like Swarovski that sparkle like Swarovski - very expensive but so worth it!  I love the versatility and all the colors of Tourmaline from black to gold, rose pinks, watermelons, olive greens, and more.  What fun!
  • Peruvian Chalcedony - a beautiful light aqua stone much like Amazonite - in long graduated daggers (like 40mm long!) and carved, yes CARVED, leaves.  Think I will use them some faceted smokey quartz.
  • Green Chalcedony - tiny gemstones with tons of sparkle that I think will go gorgeous with something blue.
  • Some trillion cut blue quartz little pyramids that are fantastic!  I think these would go gorgeous with Swarovski Tanzanite.  Don't know what I'm going to make with these yet, but they are gorgeous.  I want to get more in other colors!


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