Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Thank you all for a wonderful year!  Looking forward to a great 2012 with new ideas, new designs, and new friends.    

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am in the process of getting ready for shows we are doing this fall.  It's a rainy, dismal day, so a good day to stay inside and work.  I have not forgotten about my Etsian friends though!  Sales have been so good on both Odyssey Creations and BZ Originals that I have had to quit posting new items or I won't have anything left for shows!  Love you guys!  If you are in the area, shows are:

October 15/16 - Mollie McGees, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont, CO
November 4/5/6 - newly remodeled Lincoln Center at Magnolia and Meldrum, Fort Collins
November 19/29 - - Mollie McGees, Boulder County Fairgrounds, Longmont, CO

See you there if you are local!

Barb Z

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembrance of September 11 - You will not be forgotten

I felt inspired this morning to put together a treasury in remembrance of September 11.  I hope you enjoy it.

You Shall Not be forgotten

While the time was both incredibly sad and most terrible, I will always believe that some good will come from every horrible event.  The artists here have poured out their hearts, and I am sure shed tears, while doing their work.  I have flown a flag in front of my house every day since this event and always will and you see far more flags flying even now that before.  We will not forget them.  Thank you all for sharing and contributing such wonderful works of art for such a remembrance.  While our country may not always be perfect, it is still the best place to live in the world, and our spirit will always hold strong and unbendable.

September 11, 2001

The following is an editorial that I wrote shortly after the event that was published in the Rapid City Journal in South Dakota where I was living at the time.  I thought I would share it.
Today is a day of tremendous, overwhelming sorrow as in several brief moments hundreds and thousands of voices cried out in terrified screams that only God could hear amidst the thunderous rumble of crumbling buildings and terrifying explosions. This is a day that will be long remembered as all of America anxiously awaits forthcoming news in amazement and wonder.  With each minute and hour of time passed, the souls of America unite in a slow, burning anger comparable only to the depth of compassion felt by each and every citizen as we pray in unity for the lives of those lost and the hope of those to be found.

We have walked through this day in a daze, amazed that such acts of terrorism could possibly strike so close to home, amazed that our fellow citizens, friends and family, and loved ones of our own and people we know are lost forever in a silent scream and a cloud of dust. It all seems so senseless, unreal, surrealistic.  Yet it is real, knowing that this day may well change every day for the rest of our lives, perhaps even the rest of many people’s lives in the whole world.

We pray as a nation for God to unite the hearts of our nation and guide our leaders in sound decisions and strong hearts in what we all have to face as a result of this direct terrorism attack. Oddly enough, it is likely our prayers to God and our belief in the Lord Jesus may well be one of predominant reasons America was attacked in the first place.  We can only pray that these people who did this can see that the burning faith the people of America have in God has been unwaivered and we continue to hold our belief strong and close to our hearts in the hope that someday all of the world will come to understand the teachings of our Lord and the strength and power of our God. Yes, Jesus died to save their souls, too, if only they would allow themselves to be saved.

Yet at the end of day, we have much to be thankful for - especially for life itself for those of us who have been allowed that blessing of one more day with our family and loved ones.  In a new day beyond the heartache this terrorism brings, we are each given the chance to once again somehow make a positive difference in this world.  The unity of feelings that has brought this nation together today lends truth to the fact that the thousands that have died today, have not died in vain. We will stand together, and our belief in God shall not be waivered, only made stronger and more united. A terribly sad day, and yet, somehow, so much good shall become of it, as America now united in compassion and  faith will unfold a story in the days to come, a story of unbending unity, courage and determination every bit as glorious as our flag which continues to fly over our lands and seas.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jade and Rose - My Most Recent Color Splurge

Here are some photos of my recent "open and box and go wild" episode.  Shades of Jade and dark green Tourmaline and Serpentine, with pale pink pearls, or light orchids - soothing to the soul colors!  See my website for all listings in these colors at

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I am working on now

Sometimes I just look at a single item and as I open boxes of beads to look for things to go with it, I get into a color scheme that I don't want to let go of for awhile.  I am currently in that process.  The need to go back to some semiprecious stones and a look inspired by nature starting with a carved light green jade leaf has taken me on a journey of soft greens, dark greens, roses and peachy pink pearls.  I have one entire 3 piece set done, a couple of pairs of earrings, working on a bookmark, and am about to open the super lucious gemstone box and break out some of the expensive faceted tourmaline to go with a Karen Hill Tribe Sterling Silver leaf pendant for what will likely turn into another 3 piece set.  I will be doing at least one super long pair of earrings for my wonder customer Olivia as well.  It often takes 2 to 3 weeks to get things done, photographed and listed, but keep posted!  I hope you are all enjoying your summer!  Try to stay cool!   A rose from my garden to you.

Preview of Pearl Sets to come!

This is a preview of some pearl sets and one super long pair of earrings soon to be posted on Etsy.  I love pearls!  So classic, simple, yet elegant.  Dave says I don't so simple - it's just not in me to not make things elaborate.  However, I really do see the simple beauty of a single pearl.  The Vintage Swarovski pearl bracelet and the set actually has no Swarovski crystals on it.  I love them all.  I hope to get these posted tomorrow!  Going to the mountains today for a day with the dog and the husband - to cool off!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Custom set for Maria

I have had the great pleasure of working with a terrific person and customer to create just the special set for her!  This set was created with all sterling silver, olivine Swarovski, and turquoise Czech glass beads with the lovely Picasso finish.  She sent me a picture of her wearing all 3 pieces and she just radiated!  Thought I would share it with you!  Please feel free to contact me if you have any special needs - I LOVE custom work - making something that is just perfect for that special someone - YOU!

New gemstones in!

I just got some new faceted gemstones in!
  • Faceted Tourmaline in several types including some tiny faceted briolettes cut like Swarovski that sparkle like Swarovski - very expensive but so worth it!  I love the versatility and all the colors of Tourmaline from black to gold, rose pinks, watermelons, olive greens, and more.  What fun!
  • Peruvian Chalcedony - a beautiful light aqua stone much like Amazonite - in long graduated daggers (like 40mm long!) and carved, yes CARVED, leaves.  Think I will use them some faceted smokey quartz.
  • Green Chalcedony - tiny gemstones with tons of sparkle that I think will go gorgeous with something blue.
  • Some trillion cut blue quartz little pyramids that are fantastic!  I think these would go gorgeous with Swarovski Tanzanite.  Don't know what I'm going to make with these yet, but they are gorgeous.  I want to get more in other colors!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I have posted some jewelry blogs on the Odyssey Creations Blog Spot as well, so be sure to check that link for updates to all shops.  Odyssey Creations is my original google account and access to that blog seems to be much easier.  Still figuring things out. 


Friday, March 18, 2011


Whew!  Just got done with paperwork backed up to the first of March.  Why do I let it go so long!  Probably because it's not my favorite thing to do, but it does feel good to have a clean desk - at home anyway.  I have a day off from the regular job today, which is nice.  I woke up this morning with thoughts of all I wanted to get done, and thanking God that I have a home to do it all in, unlike so many people, especially in Japan right now.  My heart really goes out to those people.  Please see my jewelry website at as 10% of all sales this weekend is going to the good people of Japan.  Wish I could do more, but... remember that paperwork I was just talking about?  

Today's Things to Do and Japan

I took today off to catch up on so many things I need to do at home.  I awoke and my mind started clicking away at my list, and then, I thought about what the people in Japan would be doing today and all at once, all I have to get done isn't that important.  Like so many people, I watch what is going on overseas daily.  My heart goes out to them time and time and again.  Such a series of tragedies for one country to endure.  And while I sit in my warm home, many there are crammed into shelters, don't know about their loved ones, or have no where to go at all.  While I have been through some pretty tough times myself, and I know and believe that those times are what makes us a better person, it is still not something that I would wish on anyone at all... of any race or religion.  So, in honor of Japan, today and through this weekend, 10% of all sales from my shop shall go to the people in Japan. Hopefully someday I will be in a position to do far more.  So please visit my shop  on Etsy and let me know that you care too.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A very special lady that I worked with last night to create the earrings pictures in this blog that told me I should start blogging.  I do love to write, and I love to get ideas from people, so why not?  I think these are the longest earrings I've ever made - nearly 5 inches long.  She says she can pull them off and I believe her.
At any rate, I started a blog for my original Etsy site Odyssey Creations back in 2009 and never did anything with it.  I think it scared me.  Too much public knowledge.  But I think I am okay with sharing some information and would like to meet more people with the same kind of interest.  So I posted on my Odyssey Creations blog tonight too, actually probably a more personal note.  But I hope you enjoy thoughts, my creations and if you want to comment, or leave a note, I'd love to hear from you!