Friday, March 18, 2011

Today's Things to Do and Japan

I took today off to catch up on so many things I need to do at home.  I awoke and my mind started clicking away at my list, and then, I thought about what the people in Japan would be doing today and all at once, all I have to get done isn't that important.  Like so many people, I watch what is going on overseas daily.  My heart goes out to them time and time and again.  Such a series of tragedies for one country to endure.  And while I sit in my warm home, many there are crammed into shelters, don't know about their loved ones, or have no where to go at all.  While I have been through some pretty tough times myself, and I know and believe that those times are what makes us a better person, it is still not something that I would wish on anyone at all... of any race or religion.  So, in honor of Japan, today and through this weekend, 10% of all sales from my shop shall go to the people in Japan. Hopefully someday I will be in a position to do far more.  So please visit my shop  on Etsy and let me know that you care too.

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