Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembrance of September 11 - You will not be forgotten

I felt inspired this morning to put together a treasury in remembrance of September 11.  I hope you enjoy it.

You Shall Not be forgotten

While the time was both incredibly sad and most terrible, I will always believe that some good will come from every horrible event.  The artists here have poured out their hearts, and I am sure shed tears, while doing their work.  I have flown a flag in front of my house every day since this event and always will and you see far more flags flying even now that before.  We will not forget them.  Thank you all for sharing and contributing such wonderful works of art for such a remembrance.  While our country may not always be perfect, it is still the best place to live in the world, and our spirit will always hold strong and unbendable.

September 11, 2001

The following is an editorial that I wrote shortly after the event that was published in the Rapid City Journal in South Dakota where I was living at the time.  I thought I would share it.
Today is a day of tremendous, overwhelming sorrow as in several brief moments hundreds and thousands of voices cried out in terrified screams that only God could hear amidst the thunderous rumble of crumbling buildings and terrifying explosions. This is a day that will be long remembered as all of America anxiously awaits forthcoming news in amazement and wonder.  With each minute and hour of time passed, the souls of America unite in a slow, burning anger comparable only to the depth of compassion felt by each and every citizen as we pray in unity for the lives of those lost and the hope of those to be found.

We have walked through this day in a daze, amazed that such acts of terrorism could possibly strike so close to home, amazed that our fellow citizens, friends and family, and loved ones of our own and people we know are lost forever in a silent scream and a cloud of dust. It all seems so senseless, unreal, surrealistic.  Yet it is real, knowing that this day may well change every day for the rest of our lives, perhaps even the rest of many people’s lives in the whole world.

We pray as a nation for God to unite the hearts of our nation and guide our leaders in sound decisions and strong hearts in what we all have to face as a result of this direct terrorism attack. Oddly enough, it is likely our prayers to God and our belief in the Lord Jesus may well be one of predominant reasons America was attacked in the first place.  We can only pray that these people who did this can see that the burning faith the people of America have in God has been unwaivered and we continue to hold our belief strong and close to our hearts in the hope that someday all of the world will come to understand the teachings of our Lord and the strength and power of our God. Yes, Jesus died to save their souls, too, if only they would allow themselves to be saved.

Yet at the end of day, we have much to be thankful for - especially for life itself for those of us who have been allowed that blessing of one more day with our family and loved ones.  In a new day beyond the heartache this terrorism brings, we are each given the chance to once again somehow make a positive difference in this world.  The unity of feelings that has brought this nation together today lends truth to the fact that the thousands that have died today, have not died in vain. We will stand together, and our belief in God shall not be waivered, only made stronger and more united. A terribly sad day, and yet, somehow, so much good shall become of it, as America now united in compassion and  faith will unfold a story in the days to come, a story of unbending unity, courage and determination every bit as glorious as our flag which continues to fly over our lands and seas.